When to use our tools

When to use our tools

Our app helps you capture video on all of your devices with the Desktop screen recorder, the ScreenPal Chrome extension, and our mobile application.

Below is a brief explanation of each platform to help you determine when to use each one!

Desktop Screen Recorder

With our Desktop Screen Recorder you can easily capture any area of your computer screen for quick recordings. You also have the option to capture audio narration as you record and add your webcam for a picture in picture effect. When you use our Desktop Screen Recorder you can use our free drawing tools to add friendly feedback and easy-to-follow demos and tutorials. 

You can start our free recorder from the Screen Recorder page:  https://screenpal.com/screen-recorder
Or, if you have an account, you can log in and launch the Screen Recorder using the Launch Recorder () icon at the top of the page.

Limitations: Not compatible with Windows versions prior to 10, or with macOS versions prior to 10.13.

ScreenPal extension

Our ScreenPal Chrome extension enables you to launch our desktop apps (Screen Recorder, Screenshot tool, Video Editor, and Stories) and to record video messages by capturing a browser tab, application, or your entire screen, plus your webcam, from any web page. You can access the extension by clicking the ScreenPal extension icon in your Google Chrome menu bar, or by clicking the ScreenPal icon within a text field on the web (if you have that setting turned on).  Then, you and then share these video messages with friends or colleagues. This means less typing, fewer meetings, and better communication! You can edit your Video Messages to trim the beginning or end of your videos and remove unwanted information.

You can install the ScreenPal Video Messaging extension from the Chrome Web Store, here.

For more information about how to install the extension, you can view this article.

Limitations: Only for use from within browser-based applications. Only available as an extension within Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Mobile app

You can use our mobile app for Android and iPhone/iPad to record your screen on your mobile device and import videos from your phone's library. If you have a paid plan, you can also send mobile recordings to the Desktop Video Editor.

For information about recording your iPhone or iPad screen, click here.
For information about recording your screen on an Android device, click here.

Limitations: Apple's operating system does not all you to capture both your screen and camera at the same time. Instead, you will need to overlay a facecam recording onto a screen recording. For information about how to do this, see the Add the facecam to a screen recording using iOS article.

iOS versions previous to 12.0 are not supported, nor are Android versions prior to Android 9.

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