Install the ScreenPal Extension

Install the ScreenPal Extension

Follow the instructions below to install the ScreenPal extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  Our extension enables you to quickly launch our desktop apps, including the Screenshot tool, Screen Recorder, and Video Editor, and record video messages within your browser with just a few clicks.

Note: If you were running the old ScreenPal Video Messaging and Desktop Launcher extensions and you install the new extension, Chrome will disable the existing installation. To enable it, you need accept the new extension permissions, since they are different from the old permissions. For more information about how to accept these permissions and enable the extension, please see our New ScreenPal Chrome extension is disabled article.

Installing in Google Chrome:

1. Click here to open the ScreenPal extension page in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click Add to Chrome.

3. This displays a message asking you if you would like to add the ScreenPal Launcher to Chrome. To confirm, click Add extension.  The extension is added to your Chrome browser.
4. If you would like to pin the ScreenPal extension icon to your address bar for easy access, click the Extensions icon () next to the browser bar in Chrome.
5. Select the pin icon next to the ScreenPal extension.

You will now see the ScreenPal extension icon next to your URL address bar.  Click the icon to display the extension menu and open our apps or start recording within your browser.

You will also see the ScreenPal icon in web-based text fields. For example:

Installing in Microsoft Edge:

Chrome extensions also work in Microsoft Edge. To install the ScreenPal extension, visit the Chrome Web Store, here.

Click Add to Chrome.

Once installed, you will see the ScreenPal icon in web based text fields.

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