Add ScreenPal to a course in Blackboard

Add ScreenPal to a course in Blackboard

If you are a teacher, you can use the ScreenPal LTI app with Blackboard LMS. This will require some configuration from an admin first.  The instructions below will work only if this configuration has occurred.

Add ScreenPal using the Original Course View

1. Open a course and ensure that Edit Mode is enabled in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Click Content from the menu on the left. Click Build Content and select the ScreenPal LTI option you'd like to use.

3. Enter a Name for the content and then click Submit.
Blackboard takes you back to the Content page. 

4. Scroll down and you will see an entry in the list for the content you just named. Click the content link.

The LTI tool loads, as seen in the image below:

5. Select the content you want to embed.
6. Select the size and embed options.
Note: If you are embedding a quiz, you can use the Grading tab to automatically sync your students' scores to your Blackboard Gradebook. For more information about syncing grades automatically, see Sync ScreenPal quiz grades with your Blackboard Gradebook.

7. Click Embed video.
You will be presented with a screen that shows you what your students will see. To change the content, click the Change Media button in the top right. To continue embedding the content, simply click the X to close the window.

You're finished!

Add ScreenPal using the Ultra Course View

1. First, open an Ultra Course.
2. In the Course Content area, click Add Content.

3. Select Content Market from the list.

4. The Content Market opens. Find the ScreenPal LTI instance you would like to use and click the plus icon (+) icon in the bottom right corner.

Blackboard directs you back to the Course Content page.

5. To give the tool a unique name, click the ellipsis icon (...) for the ScreenPal LTI instance you selected and select Edit.

6. Enter a unique name for the content you are adding.

Note: Failing to rename your content may cause confusion. Each time you add ScreenPal content to a course, Blackboard will simply use the name of the tool. Therefore, you will end up with several pieces of course content that are all named ScreenPal LTI v1.3, or similar if you do not rename each one.

7. Make the content visible to students by clicking the drop-down list beneath the title and selecting Visible to students.

8. When you make this change, the LTI tool opens. Select the video you'd like to embed.
9. Select your embed options.
10. If you are embedding a quiz, use the Grading tab to select an option for syncing your students' quiz scores to your Gradebook.
More information about this can be found in Sync ScreenPal quiz grades with your Blackboard Gradebook.

11. The following page is displayed. Click Change Media to select new content or simply close the page to add the content to the course.

11. Click Student Preview to see it as your students will. 

That's it!

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