Sync your ScreenPal quiz scores to your LMS Gradebook

Sync your ScreenPal quiz scores to your LMS Gradebook

When you are a member of a Team Plan and your administrator has configured ScreenPal with your learning management system (LMS) using our LTI 1.3 plug-in, you can sync ScreenPal quiz grades to your LMS Gradebook.  This functionality currently works with Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, and Moodle.

1. Log into your ScreenPal account and click Quizzes from the menu on the left.
2. Create a new quiz by clicking the New Quiz button, or hover over an existing quiz and click Details.
3. When you are finished adding your quiz questions, click the Assignment & Settings tab. 
4. Under Assign, select the LMS option.

5. Under Grading, select one of the following options:
  1. To enable automatic syncing of your students' quiz scores to your LMS gradebook, select Auto-sync to gradebook.
    NOTE: You cannot select the auto-sync option if your quiz includes short answer questions, as these questions need to be graded manually.
  2. To manually grade your quizzes from the Individual Results tab in ScreenPal and then manually sync the scores with your LMS gradebook, select Manually grade.
6. Next, log into your LMS to assign this quiz to your students.

The steps for embedding ScreenPal quizzes in your LMS and accessing your Gradebook will vary based on your LMS.  For more specific information about how to sync Screenpal quiz scores to your LMS Gradebook, please see the following tutorials:
  1. Sync ScreenPal Quiz Scores with Canvas Gradebook
  2. Sync ScreenPal Quiz Scores to Your Blackboard Gradebook
  3. Sync ScreenPal Quiz Scores to Your Schoology Gradebook
  4. Sync ScreenPal Quiz Scores to Moodle Gradebook

After at least one student has taken your quiz from within your LMS, you can view the results in ScreenPal from the Individual Results tab.  If you selected Auto-sync to gradebook, you will see a message on this tab, indicating when the quiz scores were last synced to your LMS.

If you selected Manually grade, you will see the Send to gradebook button here instead.  After you have manually entered your students quiz scores, click this button to sync the grades to your LMS. 

After you click Send to gradebook, the date and time at which you last synced the quiz scores is displayed. You can update and re-sync these scores at any time by clicking Sync updates.

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