What should I do if I get the "DISK TOO FULL" error?

What should I do if I get the "DISK TOO FULL" error?

If you receive a pop-up error message which states "DISK TOO FULL", it means that your computer's hard drive is too full so the Screen Recorder can't record.

By default, the Screen Recorder will save data to your main hard drive, which is usually C: on Windows or Macintosh HD on macOS.  You must free up space on this hard drive to continue recording.  You may do so by deleting files or moving them to another hard drive or external storage location.

Another way to free up space is to delete video projects you no longer wish to keep.  Be sure to restart the app afterward, since it won't actually delete the files until you close it.

If you have some recordings that you don't want to delete you should consider exporting them to a compressed .screenpal file by clicking the Export button, after which you can delete the video project in the app.  Later, you can import the video project using the .screenpal file if you need to edit or upload it again.

Our Solo Premier, Solo Max, and Team Business/Education plans include the Secure Backup feature.  This provides the ability to backup video projects to secure cloud storage.  This enables you to delete video projects without losing the ability to edit the videos again in the future.  Just be sure to verify that the backup completed successfully prior to doing so.  Here is an article which describes this feature in greater detail:
- Backup and Restore

If you are a Team or Solo plan subscriber, you may also choose a different folder to save your recordings to as described in this video tutorial:
- Manage Recordings
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