ScreenPal desktop preferences

ScreenPal desktop preferences

You can access the General preferences for the ScreenPal desktop apps from the tray menu on Windows or the menu bar on Mac.

To open the tray menu on Windows, click the ScreenPal icon in your system tray:

On Mac, click the ScreenPal icon in your menu bar:

Click your user badge in the top right of the tray menu.

From the menu, select Preferences.

This opens the General tab of the Preferences menu.

  1. To automatically launch the ScreenPal desktop apps when you start your computer, select the check box next to Run at startup.
  2. To automatically import screenshots taken with your system tool into ScreenPal, select the checkbox next to Automatically import into ScreenPal.  This means when you take screenshots with the snipping tool on Windows or the screenshot tool on Mac, the following fly-out will be displayed and the screenshot will automatically be imported into the ScreenPal Project Manager for editing.

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