Uninstall and reinstall the desktop application on Windows OS

Uninstall and reinstall the desktop application on Windows OS

Quit the Desktop Application

Before you can uninstall ScreenPal, you need to quit the app if it is currently running.

To quit, right-click the ScreenPal icon in the Windows taskbar and then click Quit.

Please note that you may need to expand the taskbar to view the icon. You can do this by clicking the Show Hidden Icons arrow ().

Uninstall the Desktop Application

To uninstall our app on a Windows OS computer, click the Windows Start button in the taskbar ().

Click the Settings icon ().

On the Settings page, from the menu on the left, click Apps.

Select Installed Apps:

Uninstall any of these apps that you see in the Installed Apps list:
  1. ScreenPal v3.0  
  2. Screen Recorder Launcher  
  3. Web Launch Recorder  
Next, restart your computer.  This step is important.

Now let's reinstall:

To reinstall the application on your Windows computer, please login and click one of the tools buttons in the upper right.

Don't have a ScreenPal account?  No problem, just visit the Screen Recorder or Video Editor pages and install.

Once installed, you can launch the ScreenPal application directly from the website, from your Applications folder, or, if you have a ScreenPal account, from the Windows Taskbar.

Please contact our support team if you need further assistance. 

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