Uninstall and reinstall our desktop application on MAC OS

Uninstall and reinstall our desktop application on MAC OS

Uninstalling the ScreenPal Desktop Application: 

On a Mac OS Computer, you can uninstall our application by opening the Mac Applications folder and dragging the folder named ScreenPal-v3 to the trash.  
Next, click Go on the Mac Finder menu, hold down the Option key and then click Library

Note: The Library option will not display unless you press the Option key on your keyboard. You must also hold the Option key while clicking Library.

Drag the folder named ScreenPal-v3 to the  trash.

Important: Empty the trash and restart your computer.

Now let's reinstall:

To reinstall the application on your Mac computer, please login and click one of the tools buttons in the upper right.

Don't have a ScreenPal email account?  No problem, just visit the Screen Recorder or Video Editor pages and install.

Once installed, you can launch the ScreenPal application directly from the website, from your Applications folder, or from the Mac Menu bar if you have a Screenpal account..

Please contact our support team if you need further assistance. 

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