Edit History

Edit History

Edit History

The video editor stores all edits you made to your recordings in a historical timeline.  This allows you to move backward and forward within the timeline history to remove or restore past edits.

Key reasons to use this feature:

  • Revert back to a point in edit history with more clarity than just clicking Undo.
  • Compare two points in the history of edits.


Edit History window

To view the edit history window, you will need to be editing a video project.  From the Project Manager, click a video thumbnail.  In the lower right window, click Edit Video or Edit Story.


If you are editing a story, once the storyboard is displayed, you will need to click the Edit icon () to open the Story in the Video Editor.

In the top right corner of the Video Editor, you will see an arrow. Clicking this arrow displays the edit history.  Click on this arrow, and you'll see the Edit History window open (shown inside the pink rectangle).

Each date that you edited the recording is listed with detailed editing steps included.


Add to Edit History

Adding to the edit history is simply done by making edits.  Each time you make an edit to your video it will be displayed in the history.


Revert to a previous point in the edit history

Now that you have these edits, you can move backward to an edit of your choosing.  To revert to an older edit, simply select it in the list.

For example, select the Section Text Edited event.

Now, add a new edit.  In this case, we added music.

In the image above you can see that the reversion is listed in the Edit History, as is the music that we added.   Once we add a new edit after our reversion, the reversion is officially saved as a step in the timeline. Any edits between the item you reverted to and the actual reversion are effectively removed.  


Can I revert a revert edit?

Yes.  All edits are saved in the timeline (no deletions) so you can revert to any edit in the timeline.  If you select a revert edit to revert to, it will be added to your timeline and you will continue from that selected revert point.

Can I delete edits in the timeline?

Not at this time.  One bonus of having the timeline is you can make as many edits as you like and you will never lose them.  Deleting edits would only save an insignificant amount of space.

Are changes in edit history synced with the secure backup feature?

Yes.  At the point in time that your recording is backed up in the secure vault, then your entire edit history is backed up with it.  You can restore on a different computer with this extended update history.

What happens to edits made offline when using the secure backup feature? 

The edit history of the last computer that had the recorder online will be backed up into the secure vault.

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