Set up ScreenPal LTI v1.1 with Moodle

Set up ScreenPal LTI v1.1 with Moodle

How to set up ScreenPal LTI v1.1 with Moodle

The ScreenPal LTI screen recorder integrates with many learning management systems.  This article will help with the set up and use of our LTI v1.1 app within the Moodle LMS for administrators and teachers.

For information about how to configure the Moodle LMS with the latest LTI version 1.3, see Set up ScreenPal with Moodle using LTI version 1.3.

Use of the LTI app is only supported for Team Business and Team Education plans.

Enable LTI v1.1 for Team Plans with the Consumer Key and Shared Secret

You can use the LTI v1.1 app for your team to access Team Plan tools such as the screen recorder and video editor, and advanced hosting features (embedding a video channel, adding a screen recorder button for student assignments, and so forth).

In order for a user to access the features of their Team Plan, your Team Admin must configure the LTI v1.1 app with a private consumer key and secret.

1. First, login to ScreenPal with your Admin account and go to the Integrations area. 

2. Click the Add Integration button at the top of the page. Clicking this button displays additional controls:

3. For Integration Name, enter a unique name for the integration you are adding. For example, ScreenPal LTI v1.1.
Please note that you can add multiple integrations of the same type, so the name for each one must be distinctive.

4. For Integration Type, select LTI v1.1 Plugin. This displays the XML, Key, and Secret fields.

5. Copy the Key and Secret values from the applicable fields and save.  You will take these values back to the Moodle configuration screen.  
These values are unique to your team account and should not be shared with anyone outside of your team.

6. Once you've captured the Key and Secret values, click Save.

Next, complete the steps below within Moodle. 

Add the LTI app as a Moodle admin

1. Login to your Moodle instance as an administrator. 

2. At the top of the page, click Site Administration, then Plugins. Click Manage Tools to configure the ScreenPal app as an external app.  


3. Under Add Tool, enter the following URL into the Tool URL field: and then click Add Legacy LTI .

4. Enter the Consumer key and Shared secret that you obtained from ScreenPal in the previous section, and then click Save changes.

5. To easily enable teachers to add ScreenPal to their activities, expand the Tool settings section for the ScreenPal plugin.

6. Scroll down to Tool configuration usage.  From the drop-down menu, select Show in activity chooser as a preconfigured tool.

Teachers: Add ScreenPal to your courses

As a teacher, you can use the ScreenPal LTI app with Moodle LMS without an admin.  Read the instructions below or watch a video on how teachers can add the LTI app.

1. First, choose a course. Click the Settings tab.

2. In the upper right corner, switch the Edit mode toggle to the on position.

3. Find a course module and click Add an activity or resource.

The Add an activity or resource dialog is displayed.

4. If your admin has already configured ScreenPal, you can find the LTI plugin listed on this page. Select it and click Add.

Alternatively, click External Tool.

5. A form opens. Under General, enter the following:
a. For Activity name, enter ScreenPal.
b. For Tool URL, enter
c. To select ScreenPal content to add to your course, click Select Content.
d. When you are finished, scroll down and click Save and return to course.

That's it!  As a teacher, you can now add recordings to courses.  Here are additional instructions to add screen recordings, channels, or a ScreenPal screen recorder that your students can submit their own recordings with.


When launching the ScreenPal team application, why am I unable to use the video editor?

First, check to make sure your team account is upgraded to a Deluxe or Premier plan.  Access to the video editor is only included within these plans.

If you have a Deluxe or Premier account, check your Moodle app settings (or ask your Moodle Administrator to check/configure) to make sure you have the consumer key and secret added in, as in the instructions above.


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