What are notes?

About chapters

Chapters are time-stamped video sections that the owner of a video can add for their viewers.  Chapters are visible to anyone viewing your video and allow your viewers to jump to specific sections of your video. Please note that viewers of your video cannot add chapters.

Adding Chapters

If you have access to our AI feature, you can quickly add chapters to your video (as well as a video title, summary, and captions) using the ScreenPal AI button.
For more information about our AI feature, please see our article titled ScreenPal AI.

1. To add AI-generated content, hover over a video thumbnail and click Details.

2. On the Video Details tab, click the ScreenPal AI button.

The application creates a title, video summary, chapters, and captions for the video:

3. You can edit the chapter text by clicking it.

4. When your viewers visit the video watch page, they will also be able to click the Chapters menu and navigate to specific sections of your video:

Add Chapters without AI

If you do not currently have access to our AI feature, you can manually add chapters to your video by first uploading a captions file.

1. First, upload a captions file by clicking the Add Captions button, selecting a captions language, and then uploading a captions file from your computer.

2. After you upload captions, you can insert a chapter anywhere you like by hovering over the Timeline and clicking the blue plus icon.

3. Enter your Chapter title in the box:

4. Repeat these steps to add chapters throughout your video, and then click Save.
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