Why does the Update Payment page show the full price of my plan when I have a discounted rate?

Why does the Update Payment page show the full price of my plan when I have a discounted rate?

If you have been given a discounted rate, or forever coupon, for your ScreenPal plan, you may still see the full unit price of your plan displayed when you update your payment method (from Settings > Plan > Update Payment).

For example, this customer has been given a coupon and has historically paid $27.00 per month for their Solo Deluxe plan. However, it appears they will be charged $48.00 for this plan on their next invoice.

Rest assured that if a forever coupon has been applied to your prior invoices, it will still be honored going forward. The subscription value displayed in the first section of the page above is the full unit cost, not what you will pay.  When your payment is collected, the discounted rate will be applied to your payment method, rather than the full unit price.

If you have any further questions about your plan or payment, please click here to submit a ticket for our Support Team.

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