Why does the Screen Recorder crash or the webcam window freeze when I try to record with the webcam?

Why does the Screen Recorder crash or the webcam window freeze when I try to record with the webcam?

If the Screen Recorder crashes (or you only see a static image in the webcam window) when you try to record your webcam, you may have another application installed that is causing a conflict when the Screen Recorder tries to use the webcam.

Check to see if you have any of these applications installed which can cause the problem:

  • XSplitBroadcaster
  • Cyberlink Webcam Splitter
  • YouCam
  • ASUS Virtual Camera
  • UScreenCapture
  • ChromaCam
  • EpocCam
  • Cam Link 4K
  • ManyCam
  • mimoLive
  • Reincubate Camo

If so, you'll need to uninstall them to use the webcam recording feature in the Screen Recorder.

Also, please make sure that you have the latest software drivers installed for your webcam.
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