Why do I need to grant ScreenPal permissions to my device, camera, and microphone?

Why do I need to grant ScreenPal permissions to my device, camera, and microphone?

When you install our application on your mobile device, you will receive several notifications asking you to grant permissions to our app.

Examples of permissions you might need to grant our application are displayed below.

Access to your photos

We need this access in order to create a ScreenPal folder in your Photo app, so ScreenPal can save screen recordings and other videos to your camera roll or gallery. All videos are saved to your device until you are ready to share them. Additionally, ScreenPal needs access to your camera roll so that you can import existing videos from your device into our app for editing.

Access to your camera

We need access to your camera so you can create camera recordings in our app.  Please note that ScreenPal only uses your camera while you are capturing videos using our app. 

Access to your microphone

We need access to your microphone so we can record your voice when you create screen and camera recordings. You also need to enable access to your microphone in order to record narration using our Narrate tool.

Please note that we will only use your camera and microphone while you are capturing videos and narration.  You can remove these permissions at any time from your device settings. For example:

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