Why do I have black letter-boxing on the left and right sides of a saved .mp4 video file?

Why do I have black letter-boxing on the left and right sides of a saved .mp4 video file?

The screen recorder will capture and save recordings at the same resolution that you size the Recorder Frame.

Recording at a resolution with a non-standard aspect ratio (like 1280x800 @ 16:10 for example) can add letter-boxing to your video.

To correct the problem for future recordings, try following these steps:

  1. Open the Recorder app and click 'Size', then select '720p'.
  2. Resize the content you're capturing to fit within the 720p sized Recorder Frame.

When you create a new recording that way, you should no longer have letter-boxing in the saved video file. (You can record at '1080p' too, if you have that option available).

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