Where did all my v1.0 Recordings go?

Where did all my v1.0 Recordings go?

Where did all my v1.0 Recordings go?
If you previously used the older v1.0 Recorder, then recordings that you have stored on your computer will not show up if you've just started using the v2.0 Recorder.

You can still run the older v1.0 Recorder that you have installed to access the older recordings on your computer or if you would like to move your recordings over to the new v2.0 Recorder, please use the following steps:


  1. Open the v1.0 Recorder and navigate to the Recordings Screen that shows thumbnails of your recordings.
  2. Click on a recording you'd like to move over, click Export, select a folder, and click Save. This will save that Recording as a .SOM file which can then be Imported into the v2.0 Recorder.
  3. Repeat this process to create .SOM files for all of your older recordings. 
  4. Next, Close the v1.0 Recorder and Open the v2.0 Recorder. 
  5. Navigate to the Manage Recordings Window and click Import.
  6. Select a .SOM file then click Open. This will Import your older recording into the v2.0 Recorder so you will be able to make edits and publish or save as a video file. Repeat this Import step for all of the .SOM files you created to bring all of your recordings over to the v2.0 Recorder.

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