What happens to my uploads if I cancel my paid plan?

What happens to my uploads if I cancel my paid plan?

When your paid plan subscription expires, your account will revert to Free hosting. All content uploaded to our hosting platform will remain in-place and shared links will continue to function. Your account will be subject to the bandwidth limits for free hosting and you will lose paid plan features such as:

  • Secure Backup
    - Backup video projects to a secure cloud storage location
    - Restore video projects stored only in the cloud
    - Access video projects from multiple computers

  • Mobile Transfer
    - Transfer mobile recordings to Video Editor on desktop computer

  • Quizzing
    - Access to Quizzing section
    - Edit existing quiz details
    - View results

  • Analytics
    - Content trends
    - Unique and total views

  • Stock Media
    - Videos
    - Images
    - Music

  • Branding
    - Media Player
    - Content Hosting Site

  • Collaboration and Sharing (for Team plans only)
    - User groups
    - Folder sharing
    - Channel sharing
    - Transfer of content ownership

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