Channel Recorder Button

Use a Channel Recorder button

What is a Channel Recorder button?

Adding a Channel Recorder button enables your audience to launch the recorder and submit their content to your channel. The recorder button launches a version of the screen recorder, that contains a simplified uploading experience that uploads directly to your channel. 
This feature is available with our Team Premier Plan.  View our Plans.

How do I enable the Channel Recorder feature?

When you create (or edit) a channel, switch the toggle for Allow Users to Launch Recorder in Channel to the ON position to enable the feature.

When you enable this feature, you can choose whether to include that button on the channel page, or on a standalone page. You can also configure the options available when your audience is uploading. This includes asking for a Title and/or a description.  You can also show the video link, or open the video page after upload.

Your channel will still maintain any visibility settings that you have set. 

What if my audience is recording from a mobile device or Chromebook?

If your audience is using an iOS device, like iPhone or iPad, they will need to download the app from the App Store.

If your audience is using an Android device, they will need to download the app from Google Play.

If your audience is using a Chromebook device, they will need to download the app from Google Play.

After your audience has the app for their device, they can launch the recorder and upload their content to your channel!

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