Use Apple to sign up for ScreenPal

Use Apple to sign up for ScreenPal

Using your Apple ID, you can easily sign up or log into ScreenPal.

You can also choose to hide your email address when signing up with ScreenPal, using Apple's Hide My Email feature. This feature lets you create unique, random email addresses to use with apps and websites so your personal email address can stay private.

To use this feature when using our application, follow the steps below.

1. Go to our registration page and click Sign In With Apple.
2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
3. Click the arrow () to enter your credentials.
A page is displayed for creating an account for ScreenPal using your Apple ID.

4. Select either Share My Email or Hide My Email.
If you select Hide My Email, ScreenPal can only use the random email address generated by Apple to communicate with you. Emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your personal inbox.

5. Click Continue.
The Create Account page is displayed, with the randomly-generated email at the top of the page.

6. Be sure your First Name and Last Name are correct, select the checkbox next to I agree to the Terms of Service, and then click Create Account.

Note: When you contact ScreenPal Support, please use the random email address provided to you by Apple. You can view this email at any time by going to My Profile in your ScreenPal account.

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