Upload to the hosting platform on Chromebook

Upload to the hosting platform on Chromebook

Upload your videos from a Google Chromebook

The Chromebook application enables you to upload your content to our hosting platform.  If you would like to save your content online for easy sharing, uploading your recording to our site can provide many benefits.  For a quick overview, see this Tips and Tricks video.

Key reasons to upload to our hosting site:

  • Ability to view your recordings online on virtually any device
  • Embed your videos into other websites
  • Publicize your recordings, or secure a place for only chosen visitors to view your recordings

You can see more benefits on our plans page under Video Hosting & Sharing.


Preparing to Upload your Recording 

After you've finished a recording using our screen recorder, click Done and you will see a preview of your recording with a slider below it.

You can choose to trim the start and end of the video to upload only a portion of the video to our hosting site.  Check out this video for a description of commands that will help in trimming.

When you are ready to upload, use the Options menu on the right to click Upload to ScreenPal.  

If you are not already signed in with your account, you will see a message asking you to log into your ScreenPal account. Click OK to open our login page in your browser. 

Next, click Allow on the Allow Upload dialog to connect your account with the screen recorder.

Choosing your Upload Options

The following options are displayed for upload:

  • Account - The destination account to which your recording will be uploaded
  • Title - A brief title of the recording
  • Description - (Optional) A brief description of your video 
  • Channel -  (Optional) Add this recording to an existing channel for organization of your recordings
  • Custom Link - (Optional) Create a custom link to this recording for easier sharing
  • Cursor - This field is present only if the cursor was present in your original recording. Determines whether your cursor will be visible and highlighted within the screen recording
  • Quality - Use to select the quality of the video (note that videos of higher quality will take longer to upload)
  • Closed Captions - (Optional) Use to select the captions for your video
  • Visibility- Select an option that determines who can see your video (Public, Unlisted, Password Protected, or Team User)


Publish your Recording

Once you've finished selecting your upload options, click Publish to upload your recording to our hosting site. 

Once the upload is complete, the application will process and encode the data in preparation for final publish on the site.

When the recording has finished uploading, you will see the following options for sharing:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Google Classroom
  • Twitter
  • Open Upload - Opens up a browser and takes the user directly to the link where the recording is published
  • Copy Link - Copies a link to your clipboard for easy sharing in any application

When you are finished with the sharing options, click OK.  

For a full video guide to uploading, please check out this tutorial on YouTube.

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