Upload a PowerPoint presentation

Upload a PowerPoint presentation

You can include Microsoft Powerpoint slides in your video projects by doing either of the following:
  1. Importing a presentation using our Story feature.
  2. Recording a presentation directly on your computer screen using the Recorder.

Importing a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Before you can import a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you must save it to your computer as a PDF. One you have done this, follow the steps below to import the PDF as a Story.

1. Click the Story button at the top of the Project Manager.

2. Click the Start with Storyboard option.
3. Click Start from a Document.
4. Click Choose from My Files. File Explorer opens.      
5. Navigate to and select the PDF you created from your PowerPoint presentation. Select it and then click OK.

Result: The PDF is displayed in storyboard format. Each page of the PDF is displayed in a separate Story section and each section is given three seconds of video duration by default. If you add narration or a webcam recording, this time adjusts to accommodate your content.

You don't need to upload your PowerPoint to record a presentation with narration.  Just follow the steps below to set PowerPoint up for recording!

Set up PowerPoint for recording your screen while running the PowerPoint presentation. 

  1. We recommend that you run the PowerPoint presentation in non-fullscreen mode, which makes it easier to capture.
  2. Within the PowerPoint application, from the ribbon (or menu bar in earlier versions) click Slide Show.
  3. Select Set Up Slide Show.
  4. In the Set Up Show window, select Browsed by an individual (window) and then click OK to close the dialog.

Now when you run the presentation, it will be displayed in a window that you can easily resize and capture using our recorder.  You can now use the screen recorder to record the PowerPoint slideshow in the resizable window.

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