Tips for capturing the best scrolling screenshots

Tips for capturing the best scrolling screenshots

Our scrolling screenshots feature enables you to capture content that does not fit on your screen. You can use this tool to capture a single webpage, a lengthy email, or multiple-page documents, without having to take multiple screenshots. You will need to upgrade to ScreenPal version 3.2.0 or above to use the Scrolling Screenshots feature.

Note: The scrolling screenshots option is not available for free users.

Use these tips to get the best image possible when using capturing a scrolling screenshot:

  1. Scroll horizontally or vertically, but do not do both while taking the same scrolling screenshot, as this will result in an error. 
  2. While scrolling, try to avoid mouse movements that cause tooltips or other pop-ups to appear. You can try leaving your cursor out of the capture area and using an arrow key to scroll, for example.
  3. For best results, scroll at a consistent, steady pace.

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