The difference between Channels and Folders

The difference between Channels and Folders

When using our Hosting platform, you have two ways to store and display content: Channels and Folders.


Channels are curated collections of videos and images that you can share with your viewer. You can customize a channel by uploading a logo that your viewers will see, adding a description, choosing the play order, and selecting the channel layout.  You can then share the link to the channel with your audience so they can view it.  

Here is an example of how a channel will look to your viewers:

For more information about how to create a channel, please see our Channels video tutorial.

You can even embed a channel on other websites as well!


Folders are used within your Hosting account to organize your content. If you are a member of a Team Plan, you can also add team members to your folders so that they can use and manage the content within them.

For more information about Folders and how to create them, check out our Folders video tutorial.

If you use our Video Messaging extension for Google Chrome, we will automatically create folders for you based on where you recorded your video!

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