Share videos and screenshots published to our hosting site

Share videos and screenshots published to our hosting site

Sharing content published to our hosting site

1. Go to our website.
2. Log in and then click My content in the top right corner of the page.

3. Hover your mouse over the content (image, video, or channel) you'd like to share and click the Details button.

This opens to a preview of the content and several tabs to the right for editing.

Note: For channels, you will visit the channel and the click the Share button to open the Share Channel menu.

4. Click the   tab to see the options for sharing your image or video.

Displays the direct link to your video. You can click  to copy this link to your clipboard, or click  to open your video in a new browser tab.

Here you can add a descriptive custom link for your video. Click Add Custom Link, add your link text in the box, and then click Save to generate your custom link. For example, if you enter capture-and-create in the text box and click Save, the app will generate a custom link that looks similar to For more information, watch our Custom Links tutorial.

Please note that spaces are not supported.  The URL may only contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores.

Player Customization

This area enables you to select the Player Options and Viewer Actions for your video. Options displayed in green are turned on.
Please note that if you are a member of a team plan and your Team Administrator has turned off player customization for team users, this area of the Share Video tab will not be displayed.


This option enables you to embed your images and videos on your website using an embed code.

Embed Code Size
Set the video embed size to preset options (1280px, 883px, 640px), a custom size, or choose responsive.
Options for your embed include showing or hiding your video title, player controls and captions by default.  Player controls and captions are still accessible by the viewer by hovering over the video.  You can also choose to make the video background transparent on the page where it's being embedded and select on oEmbed option.
Viewer Actions
You can specify what actions a viewer can perform when viewing your video, including sharing the video directly to social media sites, downloading the video, getting an embed code of the video to embed on other pages, and copying a link to the video.

For more information about how to customize and use your embed code, watch our Embed Video Code tutorial.


Use the Add Video to Channels controls to add the video to one or more existing channels in your account.

Quick Share

You can also quickly email your video, or share it to Facebook, Twitter, Classroom, and Microsoft Teams using the quick share icons below the video preview.

For more information about managing your video content, you can watch our Manage Video Content in Hosting tutorial.

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