Share your recording on Google Classroom

Share your recording on Google Classroom

Share your recording on Google Classroom

You can use our app to create recordings and edit videos to easily share with students and teachers in Google Classroom.  You can quickly share your videos from the desktop application or when accessing hosted videos via our website.  Sharing to Google Classroom is available to all of our plans.

Share to your Google Drive Classroom folder via our Desktop App

First, create your own screen recording and edit your video.  When you are ready to publish, upload your video to Google Drive (if you have not uploaded previously to Google Drive, see our tutorial here).  

You can choose the folder to publish your recording to, as seen in the screenshot below:


Choose your Google Classroom folder and click OK to publish. 


Quick Share via our Desktop App

Once a recording is finished uploading to any destination, you will see a green Google Classroom Share button (highlighted in the image below).  Click this button to share your video to Google Classroom.

Once logged into Google Classroom, select the class with which you want to share your video and the action you want to take to share your video with the intended class.


Enter your message and click Post.


 You're done!


You will now see your recording displayed on your Google classroom page!


Share via our Hosting site

First, log in and click the Share menu for any video.

At the bottom of the share menu, you will find several Quick Share buttons. 
Click on the Google Classroom button to share this recording.

Choose the applicable class and action from the drop-downs lists for sharing.


Add your message and click Post.



You will now see your recording displayed on your Google Classroom page!


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