Share a quiz

Share a quiz

After you create a quiz, poll, or survey, it's easy to share it with your audience from the Assignment & Settings tab.

Click Share a Link to share the quiz with your viewers using a direct link.  Use the Access settings to determine which users can access your quiz and what, if any, information they need to provide before taking the quiz.  

You can share your direct link in one of several ways:

  1. Click View QR Code to view the QR code associated with the quiz. Students can scan the code with their mobile device to quickly start the quiz. You can also download this QR code to provide it to your students in another document or app.
  2. Click Copy Link to copy the direct link to your clipboard for easy sharing.
  3. Click Preview to preview the quiz in a separate browser tab.

Click Embed on Website to create an embed code for the quiz to use on your own website. Just select the desired Access setting, choose the embed size using the Embed Video Size list, and then copy the code using the Copy Code button.

If you are a member of a Team Education plan and your organization uses a learning management system (LMS) that is connected to ScreenPal, you can also share your quiz via your LMS.  Click the LMS option and then choose whether to automatically sync your quiz grades to your LMS grade book, or grade your quizzes manually from Individual Results.

Note: The Sync to gradebook option discussed in this article is currently in a limited beta release. If you have a ScreenPal Team Plan and you are interested in gaining early access to this feature, please contact support.

Finally, you can change the Assignment Settings on the right side of the Assignment & Settings tab. Determine whether you want to prevent users from skipping sections of the video, hide or show question markers on the timeline, hide call-to-action buttons and annotation links from the video, hide the quiz-taker's score, and decide whether to include or exclude short answer questions from the quiz's score.

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