Select video quality from the video player

Select video quality from the video player

As a viewer, you have the ability to select the quality of a video when you view it from the player. Available options are displayed in the Quality list when you click the Settings icon at the bottom of the player.

The Auto option is selected by default. This option enables the player to automatically select the best resolution, based on your available Internet bandwidth.

Additional resolution options are based on the source quality of the original video, selected by the creator when uploading the video. For example, if a user uploaded a video at 1080p, you can view the video at 1080p, as well as several lower resolutions.

If the Quality menu is not displayed, it means the video source file is only available in 720p resolution or lower.

Tip: If you experience high amounts of buffering when viewing a video, selecting a lower resolution can help the video to play more efficiently.

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