Search your recordings on your Mac/PC Client

Search your recordings on your Mac/PC Client

Search your recordings on your Mac or PC client

Our Desktop application contains the ability to search, filter, and sort on your local content as well as content contained within secured backup.  Make use of the search and filter functions to find your content by name, backed up status, or by factors like last modified date or duration.

Searching content

Go to the Project Manager (Videos tab).   Within the search field to the right of Filters, begin to type your search term and you will see videos displayed that match the term.  The image below show results for a library search result for text string "market".

Click Clear Search & Filters at the top left or press the X button within the search field.  This will clear the search term from the field and will display all of your content.


Filtering Content By Backed Up Status

  • In this Folder -- This filter will show recordings that exist in the currently selected folder (top left next to the Folder icon).  Note that this will also show recordings that exist both in secure storage and the local chosen folder.
  • In Secure Backup -- This filter shows all recordings that exist online in the cloud, stored in the secure backup.  Note that this will also show recordings that exist locally on your computer if they are also in secure backup.
  • In this Folder & Backup -- This filter will show recordings that exist both on your local computer and online in secure backup.

Advanced Searching

Our client allows advanced search terms that can be placed in the search field to refine your search.

Use the + or - character before the following terms to explicit add or subtract these terms from your results.

  • 'folder' -- Targets content based on whether it is located in the current local folder.
  • 'backup' -- Targets content that is within the secure backup vault

Some examples:


Will only show any content that is within your local folder.

+backup -folder 

Will find content that is backed up AND not in your local folder.

Sorting your Content

You can sort on your content by the following fields:

  • Name - Sorts alphabetically on the name of the recording.  Defaults to the following sequence:  Numbers 0 to 9 placed at the top, Letters A to Z in the middle, and unnamed recordings at the bottom.
  • Modified -  Sorts on when the recording was last edited.  By default, the most recently edited recordings are displayed at the top. 
  • Created - Sorts by the date on which the recording or video was created. By default, most recently created recordings are displayed on top.
  • Duration - Sorts by the length of the video.  By default, the longest recordings are displayed at the top.

You can flip the direction of the sorting by clicking on up and down arrows () to the upper right of the sorting control.

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