On-screen effects

On-screen effects

Using Effects

You can add animated effects, such as confetti and fireworks, to your ScreenPal screen recordings using the ScreenPal Chrome Extension. Animated effects are a fun, engaging way to interact with your audience and hold their attention.

You can use hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts for your favorite effects. This enables you to add them to your recording without clicking a button on your screen, causing them to appear, as if by magic, to anyone viewing your recording.

To use effects, open the ScreenPal Chrome Extension by clicking the Extensions icon in your browser bar and then clicking the ScreenPal icon in the Extensions list.

Click Record in Browser.

Be sure that the toggle switch next to Effects is in the On position.

To select the effect that will be used with each shortcut, click Effects.

Next, click Choose Effects

This opens the Effects dialog with the shortcuts displayed at the top. Click a shortcut at the top of the screen and then, from the bottom of the screen, select the effect to show when you enter that shortcut during a recording.

To save your changes, simply close the Effects dialog.

To insert an effect, begin recording using ScreenPal. Press the applicable shortcut key combination whenever you’d like to insert an effect!

Note: Most effects are displayed for 5-10 seconds and then disappear on their own. If you want to stop an effect before it ends on its own, press the applicable shortcut combination again. ScreenPal will stop the effect with a simple transition.

Edit effects hotkeys

If you would like to edit the key combinations for your effects hotkeys, copy and paste chrome://extensions/shortcuts into your Google Chrome browser’s address bar and press Enter. Next, find the ScreenPal shortcuts area.

This area enables you to enter a shortcut for activating the ScreenPal extension, as well as three shortcuts for running your favorite effects while a ScreenPal recording is in progress.

Add a new shortcut for running an effect by clicking the edit icon (). You can also use the drop-down list next to the shortcut to determine whether the shortcut will work only when Google Chrome is in focus (In Chrome) or whether it will also work when Google Chrome does not have focus (Global).

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