Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder and Screenshot Shortcuts

Screen Recorder and Screenshot shortcuts

Screen Recorder and Screenshot Shortcuts 

You can set up keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, to launch our content creation tools on your Windows PC or Mac. These shortcuts allow you to quickly perform the following actions: 

  • Open the content manager

  • Start a new screen recording or webcam recording

  • Screenshot capture an active window or areas of the screen

  • Screenshot the full screen

Hotkeys work to screenshot both Windows PCs and Macs.

Set up your hotkeys

First, click the app icon.

In Windows, you need to click the icon in your system tray.

On a Mac, click the icon () from the menu bar:

Next, hover over the action for which you want to create a shortcut or hotkey (either Take Screenshot, Launch Recorderor Open Video Editor.

Click the cog icon () next to Setup Shortcut for the selected action. This opens Preferences.

Enter a system-wide shortcut for each action placing your cursor in the corresponding box and pressing the keys you'd like to use.
For example, to enter the shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+S to start the Screen Recorder, place your cursor in the Start Screen Recorder box. Press and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard, then the CTRL key, then the S key.


Shortcuts can be created using Mac or Windows-specific keys. 

The Windows key, Print Screen button, and Space bar are not available for use in shortcuts

On the General tab of Preferences, you have the ability to automatically run our app at startup. Combined with keyboard shortcuts, this is the best way to start recording or launch your screenshot tool right away.

You also have the option to automatically import screenshots taken with your system tool into ScreenPal. More information about this preference can be found in the ScreenPal desktop preferences article.

Once you have launched the screen recorder or screenshots, you can save your screenshots and video recordings as you normally would.

Quick Links:

Tutorial: Launch ScreenPal from your taskbar or menu bar

Blog: How to take a screenshot guide

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