Use your password manager to associate your Screencast-O-Matic credentials with

Use your password manager to associate your Screencast-O-Matic credentials with

After our switch from to, password managers such as Bitwarden, LastPass, and the built-in password managers for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, will not associate your Screencast-O-Matic username and password with our new ScreenPal domain. 

Luckily, many of these tools enable you to edit the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) or URL associated with a login item. This means you can associate a new web address with an existing login record in your password manager. When you do this, the password manager will autofill your Screencast-O-Matic username and password on the new ScreenPal login page.

Click the link associated with the applicable password manager below to see instructions for how to update the URI associated with your Screencast-O-Matic credentials.

When using 1Password, you can quickly edit the password items in your vault (which includes changing the website with which a username and password is associated). For more information, see View and edit your items on


BitWarden enables you to add a new URI to an existing login item in your vault. For more information, see Using URIs.


You cannot currently edit the URL for a saved login in Mozilla Firefox. The easiest thing to do if you are using login autofill in Firefox is to view your current password for and create a new saved login for
For information about how to view or copy your saved password, see Remember, delete and edit logins and passwords in Firefox (Scroll down to the Managing usernames and passwords section).
For information about how to create a new login, see Add a login with the Firefox Password Manager.

Google Chrome

With Google Chrome's Autofill feature, it is easiest to view your current password for our site and then add a new password record for 
For information about how to view a saved password, see Show, edit, delete, or export saved passwords
To manually create a new password record for, see Manually add a new password.


When using Keeper, you can add multiple URL domains for the same login/password. To add the ScreenPal domain to your Screencast-O-Matic login record, follow the steps outlined in One Record with Multiple URL Domains.

Keychain (for Mac)

You can change the URL associated with a login stored in Keychain using the Where field in the Keychain Access app. For more information, see this article.
If you want to simply view the information stored in a keychain on your Mac, click here.


LastPass enables you to edit the URL for a stored password from your vault. For more details, see How do I edit a password?

Microsoft Edge

You can easily edit a password record in Microsoft Edge, which includes editing the site with which that password is associated. For more information, see Edit your passwords in Microsoft Edge.


You can edit a login record when using NordPass using the Desktop app or your Web Vault. Just hover over the password record in the list, click , select Edit, and edit the Website Address.

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