Mac installation fails when you deny installer permission to files

Mac installation fails when you deny installer permission to files

When you download ScreenPal and attempt to install it, you will receive a message that states, "Installer would like to access files in your Downloads folder," or similar.

If you click Don't Allow, you will receive a message stating that the installation failed because it encountered an error.

This happens because when you run the ScreenPal installer, macOS asks for permission to the folder where you downloaded the installation .pkg. You must grant permission in order for the installer to access this folder. When ScreenPal is finished installing, macOS will automatically remove this permission.

Additionally, if you are running an older macOS, such as Ventura 13.1, and you accidentally deny permissions, you will not be prompted again when you try to install our app a second time.

To fix this, find the Installer entry in the Files and Folders box and move the toggle beside Downloads Folder to the On position, as shown below:

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