I have a solo plan, but I'm still being asked to upgrade!

I have a solo plan, but I'm still being asked to upgrade!

The option to upgrade is available for Solo Deluxe and Solo Premier subscribers depending on the feature being accessed.  You may visit our Plans page to determine whether a desired feature is included in the plan you are subscribed to.  If a feature included in your plan is unavailable to you, use these steps to regain access.
  1. Log in to screenpal.com using the credentials associated with your paid subscription.
  2. Click on the desired launch icon (top-right corner).
  3. This should launch the app with regained access to paid features.
If a software update is available you will be asked to install the update prior to app launch.  Follow the prompts to complete the installation.  This may include pop-up notifications asking you to click Download, Open, Run, or Allow.  The appearance and placement of these notifications vary depending on the web browser and operating system you are using.

If you still lack access to paid features, you may be logged in using a different user account than the one associated with your paid subscription.  To check whether this is the case, click on the User icon (top-right corner) and view the plan type:

If the plan type displayed is Free User, logout then login using your paid account credentials.

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