Use the Picture in Picture (PIP) feature in the Recorder for Chromebook

Use the Picture in Picture (PIP) feature in the Recorder for Chromebook

How to use the Picture in Picture (PIP) feature in the Recorder for Chromebook

Our Screen Recorder has a webcam feature that enables you to record yourself while also recording your computer screen. You can watch a video of this feature here.

Key reasons to use this feature:

  • Show your audience your reactions to content recorded on screen
  • Create a better connection with your viewers
  • Create a screencast with a "talking head" experience, not unlike a news report

The webcam recording feature is available in all of our plans.

Activate the webcam

Select either Camera or Both when launching the recorder to activate the webcam. 


You can resize the webcam window for PIP by dragging the arrow icon in the bottom right of the preview on the screen.  

You can also change the position of the PIP by dragging it on your screen.


Why can't I see the webcam window when using the browser in full-screen mode?

Due to how ChromeOS implements full screen, the webcam picture-in-picture will be hidden if you choose to put your web browser in full screen mode.

Why can't I see the webcam window when recording an application window?

The implementation of ChromeOS is such that recording a specific Window (instead of selecting Entire Screen) does not allow for an overlay such as the webcam to be recorded as well.  If you decide to record with the webcam but have chosen to record only a specific application's screen, you will not see the webcam output in the final recording.


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