Enable ScreenPal Video Preview on a site

Enable ScreenPal Video Preview on a site

ScreenPal Video Preview is a feature that enables you to experience videos without having to open them and leave the webpage you are currently visiting. 

With ScreenPal Video Preview, when you hover over a video link (or a thumbnail), the video plays in a small preview window.  The preview feature will work on any ScreenPal video link when you have the ScreenPal extension installed. 

On some sites, we have disabled this feature by default.  For example, when you visit your account homepage, we have disabled video preview as this may be distracting to managing your video library (and there is already a preview function for each video).  

You may find other sites where we have disabled video preview, but you have the option to enable it from the extension menu. Just click the ScreenPal extension icon to view the menu and then move the slider for Enable preview on link hover to On.

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