Start the tools (screen recorder, screenshots, editing)

Start the tools (screen recorder, screenshots, editing)

There are several ways to start our tools, including:
1. From our web page.
2. From your Desktop, Windows tool tray, or your Mac menu bar.
3. Using the Google Chrome extension.
4. From the Project Manager.

Web page

If you have an account, you can log into our website to access the tools.  Just click the Create button in the top right corner and select one of the menu items to capture a screenshot, launch the recorder, open the Video Editor, and so forth.

If you don't have a ScreenPal account, you can start the free recorder from the screen recorder page.  Click Launch Free Recorder on this page:


You can launch directly from your Windows Start Menu, Windows Desktop shortcut, Mac Launchpad, and Chromebook Launcher by clicking the ScreenPal icon.

Tool tray

Click the ScreenPal icon in your Windows tool tray or your Mac menu bar to display this menu.

Project Manager

You can also launch the Recorder and Screenshot tool from the top right corner of the Project Manager.

Google Chrome Extension

If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can install our Chrome Extension and launch the Windows, Mac, and Chromebook apps directly from the extension.

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