Edit an uploaded video

Edit an uploaded video

How do I edit a video I’ve uploaded?

If you’ve uploaded a video project to your ScreenPal hosting account and you need to edit it, you have two options.

  1. Edit the original video project located in your Project Manager by opening the project in the video editor.

  2. Edit from the uploaded video by importing into the Project Manager and the opening in the video editor.

Note: When you edit from the original video project, you have access to all raw editing, including all your editing history, to have the most flexibility in updating and re-using your video content.

Open the video project from your Project Manager

View the editable version of your video project by opening Project Manager.  Click the thumbnail of the video project you want to edit to open it in the Playback Preview window.

From the Playback Preview window, click Edit Video in the menu located on the lower right next to the timeline.

Option 2: Edit the recording from the video file uploaded to ScreenPal.

If you no longer have the original, editable version of your recording stored on your computer, but it was published to the ScreenPal website, you also have the option to import the recording into your Video Editor as an .MP4 video file and make edits.

Note: Some editing options will not be available when editing a recording this way, as not all of the editable data is maintained when the original recording is saved to an .MP4 file.

To send a published recording as an .MP4 video file to the Video Editor, log into your ScreenPal account. Click My content at the top of the page, and then click Videos on the left side of the page under Quick View. Hover over a recording and click the Details button.

Click the More button and select Send to Video Editor.

The recording imports into the Video Editor and you can start editing.

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