Create, view, and score a quiz

Create, view, and score a quiz

Note: You must have a Solo Max, Team Education, or Team Business account to access our Quizzing and Polling feature.

To create a new quiz, click Quizzes from the menu on the left side of the Content area.

Use the four tabs on the Quiz page to create your quiz, configure the quiz’s settings, and view the results (both summary and individual).

Edit Quiz tab

Use the Edit Quiz tab to add questions to your quiz. 

To add a question, click the video timeline where you want the question to appear and then click Add a Question. This opens the Add Question fly-out menu. Use this menu to select the type of question you want to add, enter the question text, and select other options related to the question. You can also simply add questions to the beginning or end of your video.

The available question types are Multiple Choice, True / False, Short Answer, Poll, and Rating.

After you add a question to your quiz, you can edit, duplicate, delete, or move it by clicking the More Options (...) button next to the question in the Quiz Questions area.

Assignment & Settings tab
Use the Assignment & Settings tab to determine how you want to assign your quiz, as well as the access and assignment settings for your quiz.

  1. Share a quiz by clicking Share a link and copying the link in the Direct Link box to send to your viewers. 
  2. Click Embed on Website, select the Embed Video Size, and then click Copy Code to copy the embed code and add it to your site.
  3. If you are a member of a Team Plan and your administrator has configured ScreenPal within your Canvas learning management system (LMS) you can embed a quiz in your LMS and sync the quiz scores to your gradebook using the LMS assignment option. 
Note: The Sync to gradebook option is currently in a limited beta release. If you have a ScreenPal Team Plan and you are interested in gaining early access to this feature, please contact support.

The following Assignment Settings are available on the right panel of the Assignment & Settings tab:

Prevent Skipping

Switch the toggle to the On position to prevent your audience from skipping forward in your video. If this setting is turned on, your viewers must answer all questions in the quiz before they can proceed in the video.

Hide Question Markers on Time Line

Switch the toggle to On to hide the question markers in your video timeline. Viewers will not be able to see indicators for when questions will be presented to them.

Hide Call-to-Action and Annotation Buttons

Turning this option on hides all call-to-action and annotation buttons that you previously added to your video. If you choose to display these buttons, they will appear in addition to the quiz questions.

Hide Score/Results

When this option is on, viewers will not be able to view their quiz score until they submit their answer to the final question on the quiz.

Do not include Short Answers in Scoring
Turn this setting on to exclude short answer questions from the participant's score.

Schedule Quiz

Turning this option on enables you to schedule the quiz for a future date. When you toggle Schedule Quiz to on, the Schedule Start Date and Schedule a Due Date checkboxes are displayed. Select the options you want to select a start date and time and a due date and time for your quiz, if desired.

Results Summary tab

Use the Results Summary tab to view the results of completed quizzes. You can see how many viewers visited your quiz, how many of them completed the quiz, how many partial responses there are, and view quiz data.

Individual Results tab

Use the Individual Results tab to view information about each quiz respondent, including when they last watched your video, their current quiz status, and their quiz score.

To view respondents’ answers to each question, manually score quiz answers, and provide feedback for each question, click  to open the Quiz Results panel.

Lastly, you can preview your quiz at any time by clicking the Preview button in the upper right corner.

You can also duplicate or delete your quiz by clicking the More button and selecting Duplicate Quiz or Delete Quiz.

For more information, you can view our Intro to Quizzing tutorial!

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