Create menu

Create menu

Use the Create button at the top of the ScreenPal webpage to quickly access our tools.  

This can also be accessed from the top of your hosting account when you are logged into ScreenPal.

Click the items in the Create menu to complete the following actions:
  1. Capture Screenshot - Opens the Ready to take a screenshot message. From here, you can click Ready to capture your entire screen, or a portion of it.
  2. Launch Recorder - Opens the desktop Recorder. Use the recorder to capture your screen, webcam, or both.
  3. Edit Image - Enables you to select an image from the files on your computer and open it in our Image Editor.
  4. Edit Video - Opens ScreenPal's desktop Video Editor. From here you can manage your video projects and edit your recordings by adding rich text, shapes, image overlays, music, sound effects, and more.
  5. Stories Editor - Opens the Create a Story page. From here, you can decide whether to create a story by starting with a script or a storyboard. Next, add images, segments of video, script text, narration, and more.
  6. Upload Content - Opens the Upload Content page, which you can use to upload images and videos to your ScreenPal hosting account.
  7. Create Quiz - Opens the Create a Quiz page, which enables you to turn any video in your hosting account into a quiz, survey, or poll. 

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