Connect to a Google Drive account

Connect to a Google Drive account

Before you can import Google Slides for use in a Story project, you will need to connect your Google account to ScreenPal. To do this, complete the steps below.

If you are looking for information about how to connect to Google Drive in order to save and upload your ScreenPal videos there, you can watch our Upload to Google Drive tutorial.

1. To create a Story project, open the Video Editor and click Story in the top right corner of the toolbar.

2. Click Start with Storyboard.

3. To import a document as the basis for your Story, click Start from a Document.

4. To connect to Google in order to use a Google Slides document, click Connect and go to Google Drive.

5. This will display the dialog below, asking you if you want to launch a web browser to log into your Google Drive account and access your Google documents. To continue with this action, click Launch web browser.

6. A Sign in with Google will open in your browser. Select the Google account you want to connect. After you select an account, you will be asked to confirm that you want to allow Pal to access your Google Account. To allow access, click Allow.

7. Now, from the Get started with a document screen in the Video Editor, you can click Choose from Google Drive to open the dialog below. You can use this dialog to view and select a Google Slides document to use for your Story.

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