Configure your Cloudflare proxy for an SSL certificate

Configure your Cloudflare proxy for an SSL certificate

If you are using Cloudflare and you want to use a custom domain (CNAME) with an SSL certificate to host your content, you need to disable the proxy in your Cloudflare settings. Doing this enables us to successfully issue you an SSL certificate for your custom domain. If you have requested an SSL certificate, have not received it, and are using Cloudflare, this may be why the process is delayed.

To turn off the proxy in your Cloudflare settings, complete the steps below:

1. Log into your Cloudflare account.
2. Locate the domain that your Screencast-O-Matic site uses and select it. If needed, you can use the Cloudflare search feature to locate this domain.
3. Click the DNS tab.

4. Find the applicable record. The Type listed will be CNAME, the Name will be the sub-domain you want us to use, and the Content will be similar to
5. For this CNAME record, under Proxy Status, click the orange cloud to change the setting to DNS only

You're done! We can now take control of the selected domain at the SSL layer so you can be issued an SSL certificate.
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