Combine two recordings or videos

Combine two recordings or videos

When you work on a video project, often you want to use multiple sources of content.  You may have screen recordings and other video content that you need to combine to complete your project.   You have several options for combining videos and recordings in the video editor, including:
  1. Copy (or cut) and paste sections of videos or recordings
  2. Insert an existing recording or video
  3. Overlay a video on top of your existing video

Copy and Paste

First, open a source video in the video editor and click a starting point on the timeline.

Click Tools and select Copy from the menu.

Next, drag the bar to select the portion of the video that you want to copy. When you are finished, click OK.

Go back to your video projects. Select the video or recording in which you want to insert the copied portion of the video.

Click Edit on the target video. Click the point on the time line at which you want to insert the copied video content and then click +Insert Copy.
The content will be inserted in the position you selected, or you can drag the bar to select a new position. When you are ready to insert the copied content, click OK.

Insert Existing Recording or Video

To do this, open your video in the video editor and click the timeline where you want to add a recording or video.

Next, click Tools, click Insert, and select New Recording, Existing Project or Video File.
    1. New Recording opens the Recorder, enabling you to create a new recording on the fly and then insert it into your existing video.
    2. Existing Project enables you to select any recording from the Project Manager.
    3. Video File enables you to insert a video file from your local computer, a video you have copied to the clipboard, or, if you are a Premier or Max member, you can import a video from the stock library.

Overlay a Recording or Video

To overlay a video, open your video in the Video Editor and click the location in the time line where you want to overlay a video or recording.

Click Tools > Overlay > Video. This opens the following dialog:

    1. My Projects: Select any recording within the Project Manager.
    2. My Files: Insert a video from your local computer
    3. Clipboard: Paste a video you have copied to your clipboard.
    4. Stock Library: If you are a Premier or Max member, you can import a video from the stock library.

  1. How to Copy and Paste Sections
  2. Insert New or Existing Recording Tutorial
  3. Overlay Video


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