ScreenPal Chrome Extension: How to contact support with an issue

ScreenPal Chrome Extension: How to contact support with an issue

If you experience an issue using ScreenPal and need to contact support, you can visit the extension menu from your Google Chrome browser.

First, click the ScreenPal icon in your Chrome toolbar to display the extension, and then click the cog icon in the bottom right corner.

Next, click Need Help? Contact Support.

You will then be presented with a Get Help dialog where you can enter your email address and comment on the issue.   By default, an App Log File will be attached so we can more quickly troubleshoot the issue.  You can download the file to see what information is sent to us and deselect the checkbox if you choose not to send the log file.

If you are not using Google Chrome, need a different way to contact us, or need help with other issues, please visit our Help Center page.

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