Bandwidth is a measure of how much data is sent by the ScreenPal servers when viewers play back your videos. The more views you have and the larger the file size of your videos, the more bandwidth you will consume. Videos that are larger in file size require more data to be sent to your viewers when the video is watched. Additionally, the more views you have, the more frequently video data must be sent (each time a published video is viewed).

Bandwidth is typically measured in Gigabytes (GB). Below are the monthly bandwidth allotments for each type of account:

Free: 25GB

Solo Deluxe: 25GB

Solo Premier: 100GB (estimated to cover thousands of views)

Solo Max: 500GB 

Team Business/Team Education: 1,000GB

For Team Plans, if you go over your allotted 100GB of bandwidth, you will be charged $0.19 per each additional GB of bandwidth that you use. 

For Solo plans, once you reach the maximum bandwidth allocation for the month, your videos will not be available for viewing until the first day of the next month.

You can view your current bandwidth usage by logging into your ScreenPal account, clicking your user badge icon (), and selecting Settings. From the Settings page, under Subscription, click Usage.

Team plan administrators can purchase additional bandwidth from this page by clicking the Buy More Bandwidth link under Bandwidth.

Team Plan administrators can also choose to receive an email notification when their team is close to reaching the maximum bandwidth for the current month. To enable these emails, click My Profile on the left sidebar. Scroll down to Notification Preferences, select the checkbox next to Expected to Exceed Bandwidth, and then click the Update My Profile button.

Tips for reducing your bandwidth:

  • Publish your videos to ScreenPal using the “Normal” quality setting. High quality uses more bandwidth.

  • Add password-protection to your published videos to prevent unauthorized views.

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