Automatically Import into ScreenPal feature does not work

Automatically Import into ScreenPal feature does not work

For some Mac users, when you click Automatically Import into ScreenPal, the checkbox remains unselected. A tooltip is then displayed which states, "ScreenPal needs your permission to listen for new screenshot files."

This issue occurs when you click Don't Allow on the ScreenPal would like to access files in your Desktop folder message when setting up ScreenPal. 

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

1. Click the Apple menu () and select System Settings.
2. Click Privacy & Security  in the sidebar.

3. Click Files and Folders on the right.

4. Expand the ScreenPal app in the list and toggle the Desktop Folder option on.

For more information about how to control access to files and folders on Mac, see this Apple Support article.
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