Android Frequently Asked Questions

Android Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get your app?

You can download and install our app from Google Play Store.

How do I record my screen?

First, launch our app from your device. Next, tap the red Rec button at the bottom of the screen to launch the recorder. From there, you can choose to record your screen, camera, or both for picture-in-picture. 

How do I record my microphone?

Under your device's settings, enable microphone recording. By default, this setting is enabled for Android.

Please note that apps on your mobile device might limit what can be captured within them due to security and privacy restrictions, as well as copyright laws. Often, the audio in these apps cannot be captured by any screen recorder apps.

How do I record my system audio?

When you tap the red Rec button from our app, you can choose whether you want to capture your system audio. You must have Android 10 or above to record system audio.

Why does my video suddenly stop recording?

This may happen when your device is running out of storage. Please ensure that your device has sufficient storage space to record and save your video.

You can check your available storage from the Settings on your device.

If you believe that your device has enough storage and you are still experiencing problems recording, please visit Settings on your app and click "Need help? Email support" to open a ticket.

How do I add a Facecam to an existing recording?

If you didn't add your Facecam during a screen recording, you can add it post-recording.   You can add your Facecam to your video using our Edit menu. First, complete and save your recording. next, tap the video thumbnail and then tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. Here, you will see an option to add a Facecam recording.

You can choose the location of your Facecam (repositioning while recording). You can also select specific segments of your video to which to apply the Facecam.

How do I transfer my recordings to the Desktop Video Editor?

Have a ScreenPal Premier or Max account? If so, click the blue banner in the app's home screen and log into your existing ScreenPal account. From here, you can connect to the Desktop Video Editor and transfer your recordings.

Where can I find my recordings?

Your videos can be accessed directly from our app or from your device's Camera Gallery.

How do I get support or provide feedback?

Have feedback? We would love to hear it! Email

Need help? Please visit Settings in your app and click "Need help? Email support" to open a ticket.

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