Admins: Silently install our app for your users

Admins: Silently install our app for your users

Admins: Silently install our app for your users

For provisioning a group of users, an administrator can silently install our app on users' computers within the team and organization.

Using the full installation method enables you to provision your entire team with our tools and avoid requiring each user to install our software individually.

How to do a silent install for Windows

The installer available here has an option to allow for a silent install.  Use the following command:

InstallScreenPal-3.0.exe /S

"/S" is the install option that allows a silent install

How to do a silent install for Mac

The installer available here is simply placed in the Applications folder.  Follow these steps:

  1. Download the installer.
  2. As an administrator, place the .pkg file inside the Applications folder.

The application should now be available to all users on the Mac machine.

 Silent install is compatible with device management software such as Intune or Airwatch.  Both the web and local installs are updated automatically, so maintenance of upgrades will be minimal. No other configuration options are required during install as further options are set up and synchronized automatically once a user launches the application.



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