Admins: Install ScreenPal on your organization's Android devices

Admins: Install ScreenPal on your organization's Android devices

Silently install the ScreenPal app for Android users

When you use Android Enterprise with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider who offers full device management, you can silently distribute apps to Android devices in your organization, including the ScreenPal app.

To get started with managed Google Play, you must first enable Android and managed Google Play through your EMM and accept the Google Play Terms of Service. If you do not currently have an EMM provider, you will need to select one before you can begin.

Select a third-party enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider

1. Go to the Enterprise Solutions Directory to find the right third-party EMM provider for your organization. 

2. To search only for EMM providers who offer full device management, select the Full Device Management check box under Management sets on the left side of the page.

The EMM provider you select should provide your organization with the instructions necessary for setup.  In this example, we will select Microsoft InTune as our EMM provider.

Microsoft Intune can help you manage access to internal apps, data, and resources. Intune Company Portal is the app that lets employees or students within an organization securely access these resources. The Intune Company Portal app is available for desktop and mobile (Android and iOS) devices.  End users within your organization must install and use the Company Portal app to install apps made available via Intune.  Additionally, end users must have a work or school account through your organization to sign into the Company Portal app.  For more information about how members of your organization can download and install the Intune Company Portal app, please see Get the Intune Company Portal app.

For more information about using Microsoft Intune to manage Android devices, see Deployment guide: Manage Android devices in Microsoft Intune on the Microsoft Learn site, as well as the Android mobile device management section of the Microsoft Intune user help.

Accept the managed Google Play Terms of Service

After you accept the Terms of Service for managed Google Play, you will have immediate access to the managed Google Play store, where you can approve and buy apps for your organization.  To accept the terms, complete the following steps.

1. First, sign into the managed Google Play Store with your super administrator account.
2. If you'd like to review the Terms of Service in their entirety, click the link to view them.
3. Select the agreement box and then click Accept.

Note: If your organization is subject to the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you should register the contact details of your data protection officer (DPO) or EU representative after accepting the Terms of Service.

Add Managed Google Play apps to Android devices using Microsoft Intune

You can use Microsoft Intune for app deployment through Managed Google Play for Android Enterprise. You must first add the ScreenPal app to Managed Google play and then synchronize  it in Intune so the app appears in the Apps list. Once ScreenPal is displayed in the Apps list, you can manage assignment of the app.

Before you begin:
  1. Make sure you have connected your Intune tenant to Managed Google Play. For more information about how to do this, please see Connect your Intune account to your Managed Google Play account.
  2. If you will be enrolling Android devices that are personally owned by members of your organization, be sure that you have configured Intune and Android personally owned work profiles to work together in the Device enrollment workload of the portal. For more information about this, see Enroll Android devices.
Note: Microsoft recommends using either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser when you work with Intune.

1. First, log into the Microsoft Intune admin center.
2. Select Client apps > Apps > Add.

3. In the Select app type pane, in the App type list, select Managed Google Play app and then click Select.

This displays the Google Play store.
4. Search for and select the ScreenPal app.
5. Click Sync at the top of the page to sync the app with the Managed Google Play service.

6. In the Android apps list, click Refresh (to update the list and display the ScreenPal app.

Assign the ScreenPal app to users 

After you add the ScreenPal app to Microsoft Intune, you can assign (deploy) the app to groups of users or devices.
Before you can assign the ScreenPal app to a group of users, you must create that group in Microsoft Intune. For more information, see the Add groups to organize users and devices article on the Microsoft Learn site.

1. In the Microsoft Intune admin center, select Apps > All apps.
2. In the Apps pane, select the ScreenPal app.
3. Under Manage, click Properties.  Then, next to Assignments, click Edit.

4. Under the Required section, click Add Group.

This displays the Select groups pane.

5. Search for the group to which you want to assign the ScreenPal app. 
6. Select the group from the list and click Select. This closes the Add groups pane.
7. Click Review + save to save the assignment.

8. Click Save.

The ScreenPal app will be deployed to the devices within the groups you selected. Please note that the Company Portal app regularly syncs devices in your organization, as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi.  Additonally, end users can manually sync their device to connect with Intune to get the latest apps and updates.  For more information about how to manually sync an Android device, please see Manually sync Android device with Intune.

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