Admins: Enable our apps to work over a protected network (domains and ports)

Admins: Enable our apps to work over a protected network (domains and ports)

Firewall, Content Filter, Network Security

Businesses and schools may use firewall settings and content filters that prevent our applications from properly communicating online.  If your network is restricted, your may have seen messages like these:

"Failed to download the latest version of the app! Please check your internet connection, anti-virus, or firewall settings and try running again."
"Failed to Upload! Are you on a restricted network at a school or business?"

Configuring firewall rules:

If the network is restricted, you will need to speak with the IT administrator and ask them to allow or exempt all HTTP/HTTPS traffic on the following domain:

Note: We use subdomains and may deploy new subdomains in future so please use the * delimiter.

The app needs to access files over port 80 on:  

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