Access ScreenPal as the member of a Team Plan

Access ScreenPal as the member of a Team Plan

As a member of a Team Plan, there are several ways you can access our tools. 

If your Team Administrator sends you a sign-up link, click it to sign into your existing ScreenPal account, or create a new account, and request access to your team. Once your request for access is granted, you can use the Team Plan tools.

Email invitation

If your Team Administrator sends you a Team Plan invitation via email, open this invitation and click Accept. This will bring you the ScreenPal login page, where you can either sign in with an existing ScreenPal account, or create a new account, and then access the Team Plan tools.

Access Pages

Team Plan Administrators can also create Custom Access Pages to give access to creators who do not have ScreenPal accounts. In this case your Team Admin will send you a link to the access page. This link will be similar to[Organization-Name].

When you click this link, a page similar to the one below opens: 

Click the buttons at the top of the page to open our Screenshot tool, launch the Video Recorder, or open the Video Editor and start creating content.

Single sign-on

When your organization has single sign-on (SSO) configured, your Team Administrator can enable you to log into ScreenPal using SAML authentication. If this is the case, you can use an access page to access our tools. When visiting this page for the first time, you will be redirected to your organization’s network login. If you are already logged into your organization's network, you will be automatically signed into ScreenPal and can access your Team Plan tools from there.

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